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    As opposed to yellow water in a can? Maybe - the other day
    an MGD sounded good to me, but I resisted. I'm still not
    hopfree. Speaking of all that, I'm thinking of arriving in
    I tend to think of it as a "beverage", and lower alcohol is a plus. I quit drinking MGD, started tasting sour to me.

    That was you becoming sour, not the beer.

    Phoenix on American Pi Day (the other being July 22) and
    seeing games on the 15th to 19th or 20th. Hotels are a
    conundrum still, as is the recipe you posted, a peculiar
    thing to have saved.
    Looks good to me. My thinking is that I will pick you up at the airport on
    15th. First game on Monday the 16th, and dump you at the airport after the

    I can do that. Get back to you via e-mail on the hotels,
    which have been getting more expensive each year. Boiling
    frogs, I guess.

    game on Friday the 20th. I'll figure out the games later. But I'd guess
    on the east side for Sunday and Thursday nights, with the west side between, maybe I'll get all crazy and find a game at Scottsdale, we're both placard carrying gimps so that should assuage parking.

    I read: sausage parking. I'll have to get my 2021 placard out
    of Lilli's car (the 2019 one is in Bonnie's).

    I want to leave Lake Havasu a little early this year. My plan is to drive, gonna buy another used car for Anchorage, over the Canadian border on March 31st and into Alaska on April 4. I'm looking for a car now, but my ICD needs to be swapped out and that gets priority.

    Where you do that? I have something like 5 years left on mine;
    it may outlast me.

    Double boiled frog meat with bitter gourd
    categories: seafood, medicinal, Chinese
    servings: 2

    2 sm Japanese bitter gourd
    2 whole fresh frogs
    1 Tb red dates
    1 Tb wolfberries

    1. Wash the frog leg and chop into pieces.

    2. Steam all the ingredients with medium heat and
    low heat when the water is boiling vigorously.

    3. Boil for at least 3 hr so that the bitter gourd will
    not taste so bitter.

    TIPS! It will help if the dish is served hot as frog meat
    contains very little fats and the texture will harden when
    it is cold! This can be made into soup by adding water.

    Jurong Frog Farm
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    Where you do that? I have something like 5 years left on mine;
    it may outlast me.

    It's gonna have to be here, Lake Havasu. I just looked at my calendar, seems I
    had an appointment with the folks in Anchorage on October 8. They told me I had 4 months left on the battery...it's 4 weeks later, and I have an appointment on the 15th of this month to see the Cardiologist I've been using down here. I noticed he does replacements, so perhaps he can move sprightly on
    the cutting.

    This is causing me some grief with my SIL, she want's me to visit over Christmas. I've been told that after the surgery I'm not supposed to raise my left elbow above the shoulder or lift more than 10lbs for a week or so. I suppose that was what I was told in 10/2010 when this one was installed. Never
    the less, I ain't gonna trek to Denver sans luggage. I guess I could find a pith helmet and have a porter follow me though the various airports. The other
    alternative is a 2 day drive, again, and I'm tired of driving. Put almost 5,000 miles on the car since October 22nd, at 75-80mph it's averaging 28mpg, EPA rates it at 22(?).

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