• School Massacre at Brazil

    From Flavio Bessa@4:801/189.1 to Jeff Smith on Fri Mar 22 11:55:50 2019
    Hello Jeff.

    15 Mar 19 17:04, you wrote to me:

    In Brazil is extremely difficult to purchase a weapon. It
    can take months to get a license, you need to prove that you are
    mentally sane, you need to pass a shooting skills training
    course, get a permit from the Army (!) and stuff, and yet these
    things happen.

    If people are determined or driven to kill one or more people. The existence of gun laws regardless of how strict is not going to keep
    them from obtaining a firearm. I tend to look at a firearm as a tool.
    By itself, it doesn't hurt or do anything good or bad. It takes a
    person to decide what the firearm is used for. I personally have no problems with gun laws that prevent gun onwership or possesion by
    people who A) Haven't been trained in the safe operation of a firearm.
    B) Violent criminal history. C) History of mental or emotional instability.

    That's absolutely right. I can only hope that the authorities do their job into increasing the security for our students...


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