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    Re: DOS programs SBBS/Linux
    By: Havok to Jon Justvig on Tue Dec 17 2019 10:19 pm

    Hi Havok,

    Re: DOS programs SBBS/Linux
    By: Jon Justvig to All on Tue Dec 17 2019 07:52 pm

    I get reports that DOS doors can't be ran on SBBS. I'm trying to run
    DOS doors on SBBS/Linux64 (Ubuntu). It says the door cannot be ran
    on the node. Whats the issue?

    I had that same error did a reread and found I didn't add USE_DOSEMU=1

    make install SYMLINK=1 USE_DOSEMU=1

    Initially, I used RELEASE=1 USE_DOSEMU=1. However, on my second attempted of reinstalling Synchronet, SYMLINK=1 USE_DOSEMU=1 worked like a charm.

    Laughing now just stuck on still getting them to work.



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